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Why Solas Wealth?

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Inside the Family-Owned Wealth Management Firm - Solas Wealth 

Value-Based Planning



We accomplish this through understanding your values, adaptive investment strategies with a focus on preservation of capital and compounding, and wealth coaching

The firm provides essential financial, asset, estate, and coaching tools to bring you closer to experiencing the abundant life you envision for yourself and others.

We are a boutique, “family office” style wealth management firm with access to large resources. We have no bureaucracy drag to deal with. We are nimble to respond and implement more effective solutions when they arise.

What is Solas Wealth?

Solas Wealth is a relationship-centered wealth management firm. You are not a number to us. Our firm’s approach focuses on our customers’ unique values, vision, goals, and dreams, bringing clarity and purpose to their next steps. Solas Wealth strives to reduce the complexity in your lives, reveal possibilities, simplify access to financial information and give confidence that you are on track in achieving your goals and experiencing the life you desire.

Located in the heart of Naples, Florida, Solas Wealth is a boutique, “family office” style wealth management firm with access to extensive resources.  Our team is nimble to respond and implement more effective solutions when they arise. The Solas Wealth team loves giving personal attention and discovering what matters to you. We are adept at guiding clients through life’s many transitions – loss of a spouse, retirement, selling a business, relocating to Naples, divorce, etc.


Planning creates a clear path for the use of your resources – both tangible and intangible.  Your solutions and next steps will present themselves without having to stress over them.


Investing produces ample financial resources and exciting opportunities so you can live the life you’ve always wanted and make a difference in the lives of those you love.


Coaching accelerates your progress in the areas of your life that are keeping you from experiencing fully your purpose and passion.

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Our Team


Solas Wealth is a unified and reliable team of professionals enthusiastically centered on one goal…serving you!  We are dedicated to growing professionally each day so we can bring you the most useful advice and optimal solutions.

Michael Komara - Best certified wealth management advisor near me - top wealth management solutions – Solas Wealth


Mike is the Founder and CEO of Solas Wealth, LLC.  He brings nearly 30 years of experience into designing and managing investment portfolios and financial plans for successful individuals and families, especially those going through life transitions.

Jana Seaman - Best certified wealth management advisor near me - top wealth management solutions – Solas Wealth


Jana is Co-Founder and Director of Coaching at Solas Wealth, LLC.  Drawing upon real life experiences rebuilding her life after being widowed, she empowers our clients to discover a better way to a thriving and rewarding life. 

Benjamin Borchardt - Solas Wealth


Ben is the Director of Operations. He is our technology wiz that enables us to input and access information efficiently so we can deliver on your service requests. He’s also involved in the development of our clients’ financial plans and the setting up of our client’s personal financial websites.

Ken Peters - Solas Wealth - Naples & Fort Myers FL


Jon Robinson - Solas Wealth Management - Fort Myers & Naples FL


Jon is our Portfolio Manager who designs our efficient, high-efficacy investment processes.  Our global investment strategies automatically adapt to market changes aimed at preserving your investment during market downtrends. His passion is helping investors achieve better investment outcomes.

Brandon Langley - Solas Wealth - Naples & Fort Myers FL


Brandon is our Co-Portfolio Manager.  He’s been building systematic trading systems since 2003.  He delights in finding objectivity through the abundance of price data available, which feeds our rules-based process, enabling our strategies to automatically respond to changing market conditions.

Ken is our Co-Portfolio Manager.  He optimizes our systematic investing process and investment models.  This includes the trading function, ensuring each portfolio adheres to the monthly allocation adjustments dictated by our firm’s trend following discipline.  He provides robust data and illustrations for strategy analysis.


Our Approach


Plan for the best. Live your best life ever.

We start with a conversation about your unique values. By defining them we can create a financial plan that secures your financial life but also inspires you to take the appropriate steps to help you experience more of what matters to you. Our process helps you make smart financial decisions that align with what you want.

Our plans are not static. They adapt right along with changes in your life. You have access to your plan 24/7 on your hand-held device or computer. You can check account balances, create “what if” planning scenarios, and see all your financial related accounts in one place – even if they are held at other institutions.

Our Planning Services:

  • Investment Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Risk Management -  Insurance Planning

  • Income Tax Analysis

  • Estate Planning Analysis 

  • Wealth Transfer

  • Education Planning Analysis 

  • Inheritance Planning

  • Liquidity Event

  • Windfall Planning

  • Small Business Planning

  • Succession Planning

  • Client Portal Access

  • Custom Financial Planning

  • Securely Digitize & Destroy Paper Documents

  • Coordinating and maximizing the value of your professional advisors 

  • Fiduciary standard of care

  • Estate Planning focused asset registration

  • Asset protection focused asset registration


Our unique strategies will light the way.

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Your portfolio is constructed in a way that aims to preserve your investment during market downtrends (like the “coronacrash” of March 2020), which can be particularly important if you’re around retirement age.


You gain exposure across several major global asset classes in a single investment vehicle.


Your capital can be protected during times of prolonged market volatility, because the repeatable process for making all portfolio decisions leaves no room for emotional decision-making during times of euphoria or fear.

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Your portfolio naturally adapts when there are uptrends/downtrends in an asset class, interest rate change, volatility arises, and inflation/deflation occurs.


Our Investing Services:

  • Asset Management 

  • Tax loss harvesting

  • Tax gain harvesting

  • Risk Management

  • Asset Projections

  • Cryptocurrency Ownership

  • Retirement Accounts

  • Education & Custodial Accounts

  • Small Business Accounts

  • Charitable Giving Accounts

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Coaching to catapult you into your best life ever.

Most of us are so close to our situations that we can’t look at things objectively. We see things only through the lens of our experiences. Those that acknowledge this and are unwilling to settle for average, or even good, engage the services of a personal or business coach to take them to the next level. Most of the top performers, in every field, utilize an experienced coach to take them to their next level. Over the past nearly 3 decades we have had hundreds of conversations with people whose lives were stuck in some way and got them moving again enthusiastically toward the life they’ve always wanted.

Utilizing our proprietary coaching system we will help you break through the influences holding you back so that you can the experience your best life ever.

Our Coaching Services:

  • Purpose Development coaching

  • Wealth coaching

  • Career coaching 

  • Mindset development

  • Executive coaching for leadership teams

  • Executive one-on-one coaching

  • Transitional coaching

  • Grief and loss coaching 

The Solas Wealth Mission

“The firm’s mission is to light the way forward so you can experience all that you were designed to be and love to do. We accomplish this through our values based financial planning, adaptive investment strategies with a focus on preservation of capital and compounding, and wealth coaching.” - Mike Komara ChFC®  

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