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Recruiting Top Talent to Your Team

Updated: May 13

Great people are the life blood for creating and sustaining great organizations. If you have been in business or running a non-profit organization for any length of time, you know how challenging it is to find and hire quality people.


There are many tactics and tools available today to find top talent. Usually, the ways to attract the best involve some sort of personal contact by you or a trusted friend that can get you the names of solid candidates to run through your hiring process & screening process.

  • Get the word out to your centers of influence (COI’s) about the kind of person you’re looking for. COI’s interface with many professional people and can become aware of good candidates for you.

  • Personal observation. While out and about with your normal work-related activities, keep your eyes open for possible candidates. Notice how talent interacts with others. If you see something special in them, let them know you would like to talk with them. I found a great employee this way! Top talent can be found in many places.

  • Let your current employees know that your team is expanding and invite them to recommend someone they know.

  • Post your available job(s) to social media and ask employees to share.

  • Talk to local universities and ask them to put the word out.

  • Add a Careers page to your company or organizations website.

  • Get in contact with recruiters or staffing agencies.

There are numerous ways to make candidates aware you are looking. Use whatever means is appropriate for you and within your budget. After you have vetted the names and have identified the one(s) that you really want on your team, it’s time to make your pitch. What will you say when he or she is sitting across the table from you and looks you in the eye and says, “Why should I consider your opportunity over others?” Be prepared to give a moving reply!

Your Purpose

First, some general “pre-game” preparations before you have “the talk.” Can you clearly articulate why your organization exists? What purpose does it serve beyond the products you produce or services you provide? At Solas Wealth, our “why” or purpose is “to light the way forward so you can become all that you were designed to be and love to do.” We happen to deliver that through our planning, investing and coaching services. Why do you do what you do? What greater purpose does your organization serve?

Your Deliverables

What are your unique deliverables? There are probably many other businesses or non-profit’s that do what you do, but they don’t deliver the way you do. Your people and processes can rarely be duplicated. Know your differences and be ready to highlight them!

Your Culture

Is your workplace winsome and appealing? Does is throw off a good vibe? What’s unique about your culture? I had the good fortune of visiting the headquarters of Zappos, Inc in Las Vegas. After walking around their premises and seeing how employees decorated their offices, interacted with each other and their customers, it made you feel like you wanted to be a part of it.

The Talk

Having clarified your purpose for your organization, its’ unique deliverables and what makes your culture what it is, you’re ready for an important conversation with your candidate. Assuming you’ve asked all the important questions and received satisfactory responses, it’s time to make your appeal.


Great candidates will already have done their homework on you and what makes your organization tick and how you currently serve the marketplace. Begin by distinguishing yourself from others by sharing your vision for your company or non-profit. “This is where we are now, but this is where we are going. We’re here (define that) but we’re going there (describe where “there” is in vivid detail). This is the impact we’re going to be able to make and you can have a significant role in that.”


Invite them to join you. Be direct. “We would love for you to join our team. I believe your skill set, experiences, attitude, character, and personality would be a great fit here. I believe our current team members would complement what you bring – making everyone better.


Here’s how we’ll treat you. Beyond the standard benefits package, you’ll enjoy the benefits of being what we call an intrepreneur (in contrast to entrepreneur), meaning, you’ll be able to “own” your area(s) of responsibility and make recommendations to improve it as if it were your own business unit. You’ll be given the freedom and authority to make changes that lift the entire organization. We strive toward each employee being able to spend approximately 80% of their time at work working in the area of their unique abilities. Imagine being able to do that?!”


Expect some push back. Don’t be surprised if the candidate talks about another opportunity that looks more promising than yours. While you don’t ever want to come across as desperate, just because a candidate doesn’t immediately jump at your opportunity at the first offer, don’t give up. Studies show that the average customer says no an average of five times before saying yes. Ask, “What would turn things in our favor?” Assuming what they say is realistic, push on.

Unique Contribution They Bring

“I see you being able to use your ______ skills in new and exciting ways – ways you’ve never had the opportunity to do so up until now. I believe your ability to _________ will be the difference that takes all of us to new levels of success and satisfaction…”Invest the time prior to this conversation figuring out what their unique contribution could be and then deliver it at the appropriate time with conviction and passion. Most likely they will believe you and desire to come on board.

Vision>Invitation>Benefits>Persistence>Unique Contribution They Bring

Build a strong and attractive company culture

I can never get the word right. The creation and retention of top talent are key factors for success in this field. The importance of having a good culture can significantly impact employee performance. It provides the feeling people feel at the core of their everyday activities. A great culture attracts good individuals. When you're focusing on building an effective team, it is crucial to develop a culture that has shared missions and values. You want your current employees to understand your mission and inspire them as much as possible about your new hire. If we make our hiring decisions, we should consider our culture.

Work/Life balance -

How do people balance careers? It means that I am much more than my role in the work world, There is another aspect of life that's important to me: my work is fulfilling but my life is also fulfilling. People whose work environment has been used in the past are always disappointed. It's important to balance personal and professional lives. In particular among Baby Boomers, the unarticulated credo was sometimes characterized by the words: Balance is the lesson that needs learning to integrate.

Build Brand Reputation And Show Off

If a business has a good reputation, it can attract great people. La Fosse Associates gives an excellent example. London recruiters are rated as the best recruitment company for the best company awards since 2013 and will do so in 2021. This is not accidental. This results in consistently good work in creating great places to work. What are your results? The company is also attracting talent who send their resumes. In line with La Fosse Associates' formula there is an excellent opportunity to win awards for ‘best company’ and ‘best job’. Nominations are something you could just say.

Use the Topgrading methodology

Topgrading improves hiring by using practices that encourage full transparency among candidates and an extensive chronology of interviews with former employees. It requires knowing all the career history and this is no simple process to complete. You'll see their job experience and the reasons for it, their accountability for performance accomplishment and their failures. In this interview with top rated recruiting consultant Dr Brad Smart a leading recruiter.

Create a clear job scorecard

It has been written about assessing talent regularly. Nothing makes a company more successful than having an exceptional team. Here's a job-specific scorecard. This template is frequently used by clients for any role within a company. If you look at these grids, you can identify the critical tasks of the role, and how long the time will take to do the job. After that is clear, determine the KPIs related to each task. How are scorecards helpful to recruiters?

Best strategies to attract top talent

This list of 8 different recruitment techniques to attract the best candidates for you.

A broader job vacancy

Job seekers want to see clear employment advertisements based upon profile, company history, salary scale, job opportunities, etc. Intelligent recruiters give clear details of all the required information. You need to know the requirements for your job and the ways to gain from the profile. The job posting is very important and it should have an impact in the workplace as well as the job description. Tell us what the company culture is and what benefits they have. This should be expressed through a short video. Alternatively, you can find the company's careers blog.

Be flexible

The employee is always looking to find a company where the workload does not affect the employee. Modern businesses offer employees many benefits. Work conditions should stay in balance, and they should also not become monotonous. Give extra things like work at the office options, weekly absences, or open office hours. Several companies have games of friendly sports that entertain staff. The feeling of rejuvenation and freedom are extremely important because otherwise the workplace could have the typical 9 – 5 job. Basically, leave the usual work standards out.

Social media recruiting

HR teams should be able to attract talent by utilizing social media. They must search for candidates to make applications for their company. Building an image and strong connections through social media recruitment. Show us some good methods of marketing your employer's image on Facebook and Twitter. Some experts are willing to help you in Australia in gaining knowledge about using social media for promoting your business. They are incredibly adept at publicizing companies through various social media sites and using those platforms to publish unique work.

Shorter time to hire

Many talented people get lost when agencies don't know how to reach them. Currently competitors wait on hiring candidates. By the time the response is received, the employee may have secured another position or has lost interest in the firm. Value your time. Let the student, the professional contact you immediately while analyzing your profile for merit. Increase Recruitment Speed to prevent delays in the recruiting process! Let us reduce the hiring time. TalentLyft allows users to quickly develop more efficient recruiting strategies.

Organize competitions

Digital media is the most common way to find a job. Organize an online talent hunt for the participants. For example, L’Oreal offers marketing training courses, titled Brandstrom – for students to work as managers in the production at all times during competitions. Such competitions allow applicants a better understanding of company brands and their product range. Upon achieving this they can take on responsibilities as professionals. The idea is to let your customers taste your company style.

Employee referral program

Employee referral programs are a very effective way of attracting talented candidates and making current employees happy. Utilize employees to promote a company. Give them a list of recommended friends and family. Motivate them by rewarding employee referrals. A Amazon giftcard for one referral or a special vacation package for five referrals if the person reaches the required number of people on the list. Is it all right?

Add benefits

Google and Facebook are the dream employers of all job seekers. What are the reasons? They are an absolute favorite in the workplace. A buffet meal for guests to enjoy, a side-cab service for passengers on board the car, a wellness plan, a bonus and allowance for family holidays, and a lot of talent. Keeping the office clean and well-maintained will help boost energy and positivity.

Campus recruitment

Colleges contain young and dynamic talents with immense passion for their job. A collaboration in which reputed institutions have been involved and be part of the placements. Campus recruitment is one of the best methods to recruit students. Top businesses hire top talent from top universities to recruit young talent.


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